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    Housing disrepair

    Is your house in disrepair and your landlord is not doing anything to help?

    Read more about Housing Disrepair speak to an expert solicitor

    Personal Injury

    Speak to us if you want to take legal action to claim compensation for a personal injury.

    Family & Divorce

    Our solicitors are experts in every aspect of family law.

    Read more about Family & Divorce speak to an expert solicitor


    Whether you are an employee or an employer, our solicitors provide solutions for a variety of employment issues.

    Read more about Employment Law claims speak to an expert solicitor


    Legal services on all UK Immigration matters.

    Read more about immigration speak to an expert solicitor

    Wills & Probate

    Our specialist wills and probate solicitors cover all matters related to wills and probate.

    Read more about wills & Probate speak to an expert solicitor

    Civil Litigation

    This area involves both public and private legal disputes, which usually involves a large sum of money and require the assistance of the Courts in order to resolve any discrepancies. In the most common cases, this money is in the form of compensation which is owed for a variety of reasons.

    Our firm boasts a wealth of experience in all types of Civil Litigation. We offer specialist legal advice on often complex issues and will work with our clients, whether it is individuals or organisations, to attain the best possible outcome on the best possible terms. We have dealt with cases in respect of: all general civil litigation; landlord and tenant disputes; contractual disputes; professional negligence; construction law disputes; product liability; property damage; and escape of water claims.

    If you would like to discuss your case with a civil litigator, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Commissioners for Oath

    Our firm is alive to the fact that many people and businesses encounter instances where there is a requirement for a Commissioner for Oaths to witness the signing and swearing of a document.

    We are on hand to assist in such instances, including the administering of oaths and creation of affidavits.

    Contact our firm if you would like to speak to an experienced commissioner for oaths.

    Commercial Litigation

    Bentley Sterling & Co is a firm experienced in dealing with commercial litigation cases. Whether it be for individual’s or from a company’s standpoint, we will assess in detail the issue, provide legal advice and develop a strategy that is both time and cost effective to achieve resolutions to claims and disputes. We will also assess alternative dispute resolutions in all cases should it be appropriate.

    We deal with cases such as: debt recovery including bulk debt recovery and enforcement; Contract disputes; Company law disputes between shareholders or directors; Partnership disputes; Commercial property disputes and Fraud claims.

    Contact our firm if you need help of an experiences commercial litigator.

    Credit Hire Litigation

    Our solicitors specialise in all aspects of Credit Hire Litigation and have vast experience within our team in this evolving area of law. We offer legal services whether at an organisational level or for individuals/claimants.

    Our team work both diligently and robustly to ensure reasonable recovery of credit hire charges in both fast-track and multi-track claims. We are at the forefront of ensuring we are in tandem with the changes in the law in this area.

    Contact us if you would like to discuss your claim with one of our credit hire litigators.

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