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If you presently live in a home provided by a Housing Association, Council, or a rented property, then it is your Housing Association / Council / Landlord’s responsibility to look after the property and maintain it to an acceptable and liveable standard.

If they fail to do so, you may have a claim.

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Are you a tenant with the following Council or Housing Associations?

Below are some of the Councils and Housing Associations that we have helped tenants against:

Please note we can only act for Housing Disrepair Claims against your landlord if they have failed to repair your home. Please speak to them directly regarding rent issues.

Housing Disrepair issues you can get compensations for

Below is an example of some of the property disrepair issues we have assisted our clients with:

  • Damp / Mould in the property
  • Broken Boiler / Heating not working
  • Insect / Rodent infestation
  • Damaged floorboards / walls / windows
  • Leaking roofs
  • Faulty electrics within the property
  • Problems with drains and gutters
  • Decaying brickwork
  • Damage to belongings
  • Adverse impact on health due to disrepair

If the disrepair presently within your home is not listed above, we welcome you to contact us. We can review your current circumstances for free and provide assistance with whether you can pursue a claim or not. 

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No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Solicitors in London

Our firm, Bentley Sterling & Co, provides No Win No Fee legal services relating to the area of Housing Disrepair.

This is where tenants have encountered neglectful landlords, who have failed to carry out repairs within the property, that are covered within the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and more recently the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, despite having been given adequate notice. 

Such cases see the rights of tenants (with short-hold or secure tenancies) not being fulfilled despite the legal responsibilities of the landlords (whether private or a Local Authority / Housing Association).

All claims are reviewed in detail, and we may be able to act on a No Win No Fee agreement. We will also ensure that any repairs carried out to homes are free of charge to our clients, subject to meeting the relevant criteria.

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Do I have to have reported the disrepair to my landlord?

Yes, before making a claim for Housing Disrepair, you need to have reported the issue to your Housing Association / Council / Landlord and allow them a reasonable period of time to carry out the repairs.

Should they fail to do so, please get in touch with us and we will help you pursue a claim for Housing Disrepair against them to have the property repaired and receive compensation.

Should it be necessary, our team of experts are fully equipped with issuing formal proceedings against Landlords in the County Court or Magistrates Court and take a case to trial.

You can make contact with your Landlord by phone, email, letter or in person. We would, however, always recommend contact in writing (i.e., by letter or email). This will provide you with proof of your contact with your Landlord.

In the event that your Landlord replies to you then you should also give them a reasonable opportunity to fix the disrepair.

When you speak with them on the telephone, make a note of the date, time, person’s name to whom you spoke and what was reported to them including any reply.

How much notice do I need to give to my Landlord?

Once you notice disrepair in your property, you are usually required to give your Housing Association / Council / Landlord a reasonable amount of time before pursuing a claim for Housing Disrepair.

It is not uncommon for tenants to have contacted their Landlord many times over a number of months or even years without any action being taken by their Landlords.

What is a reasonable time to respond and repair will depend how serious the disrepair is. For example, a leak flooding the kitchen would demand an urgent response.

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How much compensation can I get?

The amount of compensation you can get for disrepair of your home will depend on the specific circumstances of your case;

  • how bad the damage/disrepair is;
  • the length of time that it has been in disrepair;
  • when notice of the disrepair was given to the Landlord and the issues that it has caused for you and your family.

We will always strive to obtain the best level of compensation for you. This can also include damages for any personal items that were damaged due to the disrepair and any out-of-pocket expenses for you by trying to fix the disrepair yourself due to the lack of action by your Landlord.

It could also include damages for injury if one was suffered.

Can I get evicted from the property for making a Housing Disrepair claim?

If a Landlord tries to evict you because you have asked for repairs or complained about poor conditions of your home, this is known as a revenge or retaliatory eviction.

You are at risk if you are an assured shorthold tenant but should note that the courts take a dim view of such an approach by Landlords.

If they serve a section 21 notice on you, they do not normally need to give the court any reasons for the eviction.

If this occurs, you must tell the court if you have a defence to it and should inform the court that you have complained about the condition of the property. 

We would also suggest that you contact us immediately if this occurs.

Can I refuse to pay rent until the disrepair problem is fixed?

Sadly, the answer here is no.

Despite it seeming clearly unfair, you should continue to pay rent on the property in the usual way. Any non-payment or refusal to pay would be a breach of your tenancy agreement and therefore potentially a reason for your Landlord to evict you.

How long does the claim process take all in all?

In short, this all depends on the issues you face and the behaviour of your Landlord.

On average, we find that the majority of our cases settle within 3 – 10 months after our team gets involved. This means that you will receive the all-important repairs to your home as well as compensation in a relatively short period of time.

However, if your case proceeds to court, then the timescales will be longer. Though, we will advise you every step of the way and will keep you informed of any timescales or next steps throughout your claim.

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Do your housing disrepair team make sure that the repairs have been made?

The claim is not at an end until the repairs have been completed, so yes – we do.

We will always ask you to keep us informed of the progress of the repair and when that has been completed.

If it becomes clear that your Landlord has not honoured any agreement reached regarding the repair, we will engage further to ensure that it is undertaken and resolved.

How much will such a claim cost me?

After the initial consultation period, and provided that you do have a claim for Housing Disrepair, we will inform you of the costs of such a case.

We operate on something called a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is also known as a ‘No Win No fee’ agreement. This means that if your case is not successful, then it will not cost you a penny.

You will therefore only need to pay us when your case is successful with the cost of our services simply being deducted from any compensation you receive.

The amount we deduct will be an agreed percentage of your total compensation.

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Our knowledgeable team will work diligently with clients, utilising relevant experts where necessary, in order to improve their overall standard of life and well being, provide a remedy to the disrepair within their homes and to also ensure that their legal rights are upheld. 

To date, our team has successfully dealt with a large number of Housing Disrepair claims against Landlord’s nationwide.

We take great comfort and pride in achieving an effective outcome for our clients and knowing that they are, once more, able to live in their homes peacefully.

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Has the quality of your life been impacted as a result of disrepair?

We are very much alive to the fact that housing disrepair issues can adversely impact people’s quality of life, the appearance of their home and in some cases their health.

We are therefore on hand to assist clients with such issues in order to inform them of their legal rights, allow for repairs to be carried out and to obtain much deserved compensation. 

Personal Injury as a result of Housing Disrepair

Unlike some firms, should a client have a claim for personal injury due to the disrepair to their homes, then we are also able to take on such matters on given our wealth of experience in dealing with personal injury claims. 

Can I make a claim if I’m a private tenant? 

Yes, you can. As a tenant you have a right to expect to live in a decent and functioning home.  If your Landlord has ignored your requests to repair any issues within your property you have a right to make a claim against them and we can help you with that.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Bentley Sterling & Co Solicitors to help me with my claim?

They say home is where the heart is. We understand how depressing it can be living in terrible conditions and how important it is that this is put right as quickly as possible. 

Our team also understand how soul-destroying it can be for our clients having reported the issues to their Landlord over a period of time with no response. 

We have a friendly and experienced team that deals with housing disrepair claims against Landlords nationwide.  We have great success in obtaining fantastic outcomes for our clients that allow them to enjoy their homes once again. If legal proceedings seems the only way, we can force the Landlord to repair and or compensate our clients fairly. Our experienced litigation team will meet that head on.  

We also have an experienced Personal Injury team so we can also represent clients in housing disrepair cases where the client has been injured or their health has been adversely affected due to the living conditions caused by the disrepair.  

We aim to offer clear advice and recommendations to our clients enabling them to make informed decisions when instructing us. 

Further, our team speak a raft of different languages including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali. 

We are diligent in pursuit of these claims and we take great pride in achieving successful outcomes for our clients, knowing it can make a huge difference to their life. 

Do you have a dedicated housing disrepair team?

Our firm has a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly team that has a wealth of experience in dealing with disrepair claims nationwide. Our team takes client care very seriously. 

Moreover, our team understand that the client has to live in these conditions’ day in and day out and how that can have a psychological impact to all those in the property, so we understand that it is important to resolve these issues in a timely fashion. 

Our team also has a wealth of experience in litigation gained over many years.

Do you work with qualified surveyors?

Yes, we do.

We work with industry experts to ensure that they prepare a report of the disrepair to your property to a high standard and that it fully reflects the issues within your home. 

As part of the Landlord’s response to the letter of claim from us they will usually arrange an inspection of the property.  If that is not satisfactory, we would recommend that we instruct an independent surveyor to inspect and assess the property. 

Are there any hidden costs?


We provide clear and transparent advice with regards our costs.  It is very important to us that our clients understand each and every process of their claim and in particular the issue of costs.

How do I know if I can make a claim for housing disrepair?

If you presently live in a home provided by a Housing Association, Council, or a rented property, then it is your Housing Association / Council / Landlord’s responsibility to look after the property and maintain it to an acceptable and liveable standard. If they fail to do so, you may have a claim.

I’m still not sure if I can claim. Do you provide a free consultation?

Yes – we provide a free 30 minute consultation to anyone who believes that they may have a claim for Housing Disrepair. Our expert team will go through your issues with you and advise you of the merits of your claim.

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